Pharmaceutical Software

Software solution for Vials inspection

Accipio technologies provides vials inspection solution to pharmaceutical machine manufacturers. Accipio vials inspection solution comes with a high degree of accuracy and processing speed. Vials are getting inspected at accuracy of 0.01 mm. even a small deficiency will be captured. Vials grading is possible with this accuracy.

Types of defects identified by our software solution

  1. Foreign particles
  2. Cracks
  3. Blobs
  4. Any kind of irregularity present in vials.
  5. Color particle identification

Key Features:

  1. Color and color particle identification.
  2. OCR (Optical character read).
  3. Any size, shape and color of vials.
  4. Multiple camera with great speed of inspection.

Processing speed: our software solution can process 300 to 1000 vials per minutes. With multiple camera setup. Inspection speed can be increased beyond 1000 vials per minute.