3D Slicer [ Auto Support ]

3DSlicer is a primary application to slice and prepare 3D models created by various designer software’s. User needs highly efficient slicing operation with best quality images in order to address 3D printing job. This software provides best features and high efficiency clubbed together in order to address 3D printer end user requirements.

3D Slicer provides various features which are key to success for any 3D printing job and make life easy for end user. Some key features are Multi Model optimization, highly efficient slicing operation and image extraction, Automatic support generation, Foot print generation in order to achieve cost optimization.

Key Feature(s) of 3D Slicer Application

1). Multi-Model optimization: This application uses Multi-Model space optimization algorithm in order to make optimum use of space available on Build area, which will result in efficient printing and cost saving.

2).Multiple type of supports: This application provides Branching support mode. This will help user to optimize time to generate support and printing efficiency with cost savings.

3). Foot Print as Base plate: This application generates foot print for every model with various patterns and reduce cost of material and time savings.

(foot print as base plate)

4).Auto Support: This is key feature for saving time and cost for any organization. 3D slicer provides highly optimized and faster algorithm to generate support for variety of models and complex designs. The algorithm is faster, most efficient and optimized to generate supports.

5). Customized support size: User can customize the support with different size as per his custom needs.

(Support with custom top and bottom radius. Dynamic one)

6). Circular filling and Mirroring of supports: User can mirror and do circular filling of supports in order to save time and increase productivity.

7). Memory efficiency: 3D applications use very large chunk of memory for holding 3D models alive and process various operations on them. 3D slicer user every bit of processing capacity of computer processor and multi- tasking using all processing cores. This results really in faster execution of 3D processing on models and the most important Slicing operation of large models.